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Am I inclusive? A self-reflective questionnaire from the lens of gender and intercultural sensitivity learning.

Cover Photo, written words: "Am I inclusive? Self-reflective Questionnaire.
Samar Zughool on behalf of Povod Institute for Culture and Development of International Relations in Culture
STORYsilience Digital Platform
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This is a self-reflective questionnaire of eight questions reflecting on inclusion from the lens of gender and intercultural sensitivity. This questionnaire is designed for anyone who wants to conduct a short self-reflection to explore inclusive and sensitive language regarding interculturalism and gender diversity learning. Samar Zughool, intercultural researcher, on behalf of the team of Povod Institute, developed this questionnaire as part of their contribution to the STORYsilience program, which is funded by Erasmus+, the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe, reference number: "STORYsilience Project 2020-1-UK01-KA227-SCH-094708".

To use this tool most efficiently, you can start by reading the questions one by one. Try to identify any resonation for each question; afterwards, unpack this resonation on an external and personal document. List any thoughts, ideas or feelings regarding each question and the reasons behind them. In the end, click on the question, and you will find an explanation of the topic concerned from the lens of intercultural and gender sensitivity learning. During the process, take enough time for reflection before clicking on the question to find the explanation. Start by listing resonations or, thereof, the lack of them; if the questions do not resonate with you, then list the reasons why you believe that they do not. It is important to notice that the answers listed in this questionnaire are not the ultimate truth but reflections of feelings and thoughts from Povod's team of intercultural trainers who spent a long time decolonising and unlearning enforced harmful social and binary profiling regarding culture and gender.