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A Development Agenda for the 2024 Italian G7 Presidency

Irene Paviotti, Daniele Fattibene
Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI)
Year of Publication

This Article details the development agenda for the Italian presidency of the 2024 Italian G7 presidency. In particular, there are four topics that the G7 is currently looking at. The first of the topics would be that of the health response to the COVID-19 pandemic looking at the COVID-19 tools accelerator which was a multi-donor-funded initiative meant to boost diagnostics and treatment worldwide.  The second topic would be the G20-launched debt service suspension initiative and a common framework for debt treatments. Which was designed to help public finances in lower-income countries during the COVID-19 pandemic and create more multilateralism when it comes to sharing the burden of debt.  Climate change is the third topic. Specifically looking at the build-back better initiative and the Global Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment as well as Just Energy Transition Partnerships all looking at helping developing countries build in a more sustainable fashion. the last policy area that the article looks at is food security which as the article mentions given the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The article discusses the need to more greatly address Humanitarian crises as well as laying down a framework in order to prevent humanitarian crises in the future. The article discusses how Italy will assume the role of President of the G7 and how Italy has greater relations with the Global South then the current president of the G7 Japan. The article looks into the four topics previously discussed and how Italy should and could rectify these problems while looking at the advantages that Italy has in solving these problems.