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Driving Reflections about the Mediterranean Migrations

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Mangone, Emiliana.
Journal of Mediterranean Knowledge
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The present paper refers to the general theoretical framing upon migrations and Mediterranean. It is an example of multidisciplinary view, which intertwines philosophic aspects and sociological requirements in a clearly political context. It mainly calls the attention of the reader to migrations, a topic that has ruled the history of mankind and involved all populations across the world.

The current status of the migration in the Mediterranean has its roots in the history of the relations - not only economical, but also cultural and social - among the people living on the shores of this sea among lands. Today, the ideas cultivated in the past and the exchanges among civilizations can create a situation of conflict, like is often happening, but also a fruitful encounter, making consider migrations not as a burden, but as a resource. Today, the greatest political challenges concerns the humanitarian aspects of integration of migrant population, particularly in the Mediterranean region.