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Manual for developing intercultural competencies: story circles

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Deardorff, Darla K.
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This manual is intended for trainers and those who are interested in develop-ing intercultural competencies in others, particularly as part of intercultural dialogue, peace, and confl ict resolution work; international development; and intercultural training and teambuilding. Grounded in theory (see p. 59) and written intentionally in more accessible language than many of the academic and government documents on intercultural competencies, this manual is a response to the task to identify a methodology for developing intercultural competencies in many different contexts around the world.

This manual begins with a brief overview of intercultural competencies (recog-nizing that much work has already been done in this area). This is followed by a summary that highlights existing approaches and tools used in inter-cultural training as a way of contextualizing the selected tool, a description of the process used in selecting the Story Circles tool, and then a detailed description of the tool itself with instructions on how facilitators can use this methodology in developing intercultural competencies in various groups. The manual ends with further resources and supporting materials, including handouts that can be used with participants along with additional materials for facilitators (for criteria for facilitators, please see p. 79).