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Media Framing and Intercultural Communication: a Critical Review of Studies on Framing of Migration

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Wasilewski, Krzysztof
Przegląd europejski & Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Fakulta sociálních věd.
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The article examines how framing theory and media frames can be used in intercultural communication. If the process of framing is defined as the “selection of some aspects of a perceived reality and making them more salient in a communicating”, then it can be assumed that media frames play an important role in intercultural communication. Drawing from this, it is important to ask whether media frames can provide a plausible tool not only to describe the media coverage of various cultures, but also to set this coverage towards the desirable direction. In other words, knowing how media frames work, can we produce media coverage that instead of fostering conflict and antagonism would support cooperation and solidarity among various groups of society? To answer this question, the article focuses on the studies on migration discourses, as an example of intercultural communication.