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Media promotion and the forgotten heritage in the province of Guelmim

Malika ait nasser
Malika Ait Nasser
Journal of Advances in Humanities and Social Sciences
Year of Publication

The juxtaposition between media and territorial resource underlines the continuity of the intangible value of the territory in the pages of the newspaper, the television programs, the headings of the photographed sites, the video. They are also discussed on the basis of major changes in information models such as social networks, portals, websites, etc. In this media/heritage resource articulation, this article assesses the effect of the media on the mobilization of local heritage resources. More precisely, we aim to identify mobilized resources in the forms of media compared to those not yet mediatized. On a sample of 20 municipalities over the 2014-2016 period in the province of Guelmim, our results indicate a significant number of rich but ignored heritage resources. Also, we highlight the value of the diversity of the heritage of the province and the opportunities that this wealth generates for the development of socio-economic activity such as tourism.

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