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Perspectives on youth issue 3

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Volume 3 of the series Perspectives on youth focuses on “Healthy Europe”, not just in the narrow sense,  but in the broader sense of what it is like to be young in a Europe faced with conflict and austerity, and what it feels like to be young as transitions become ever more challenging. The assumption when planning this issue was that health in this broader sense remains a controversial area within youth policy, where the points of departure of policy makers on the one hand and young people themselves on the other often are dramatically different; in fact, young people tend to interpret the dominating discourse as limiting, patronising, maybe even offensive. The question of health  brings the old tensions between protection and participation as well as agency and structure to the forefront. Not all questions  are addressed in detail  but many are touched upon. It is, intentionally, an eclectic mix of contributions, to provide a diversity of argumentation and to promote reflection and debate. As has been the intention of Perspectives on youth throughout, we have sought to solicit and elicit the views of academics, policy makers and practitioners, presenting theoretical, empirical and hypothetical assertions and analysis.

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