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White Paper For Interreligious Collaboration & Policy Making in Addressing Radicalization & Violent Extremism

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The paper comprises three sections:

• The first looks at the concept of extremism and the radicalization process.

• The second explores the relationship between religion and extremism.

• The third identifies four priority areas for interreligious collaboration in addressing radicalization and extremism, while highlighting existing good practices and initiatives that could be amplified and built upon.

Priority Area 1: Strengthening social cohesion through the promotion of Religious Social Responsibility within each community.

Priority Area 2: Fostering literacy about religions and promoting education on citizenship inclusive of cultural and religious diversity.

Priority Area 3: Promoting an existential narrative rather than an essentialist one in response to extremism, especially through the media.

Priority Area 4:Reforming and developing the existing interreligious platforms for dialogue and common civic engagement for shared public life values and for interfaith compassion and solidarity, especially among the youth.