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Bishara Khader

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Dr Bichara Khader is Belgian of Palestinian origin. He is Professor Emeritus at the Catholic University of Louvain and Founder of the Study and Research Centre on the Contemporary Arab World. He has been member of the Group of High Experts on European Foreign Policy and Common Security (European Commission) and Member of the Group of Wisemen on cultural dialogue in the Mediterranean (European Presidency). Currently he is visiting professor in various Arab and European universities.

He published some 30 books and hundreds of articles on the Arab World, the Euro-Arab, Euro-Mediterranean and the Euro-Palestinian relations. The most recent books are:

 1.Le Monde Arabe expliqué à l’Europe (French and Spanish)

2. l’Europe pour la Méditerranée (French, Arabic and Spanish)

3 Europe and the Arab World: an assessment of EU policies (English, Arabic, Spanish)