Arab Youth Climate Muster

National Network

Riad Elsolh
Beirut 1107 2020

Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Environment/Sustainable development
General Information
The organization has five board members and 26 volunteers. it gets fund from global green grants fund. its budget s 5000$ for the coming year. it works on ground projects by doing workshops in universities and schools. they work with schools in making them green. each project has a different partner.     
Mission and Objectives

Our Mission: Build a generation-wide movement to solve the climate crisis
We do this by educating, inspiring, ideating, mobilising, (and engaging young climate activists in environmental and developmental activities) across the Middle East & North Africa region.
Empowers young people in their local communities to create change on a national, regional and international scale.
Have Youth actively involved, and their presence felt, in COPs and International climate policy sessions, as well as in grassroots solutions in their respective countries.
Take justice and sustainability into account in decisions we make and the policies we support and push for.
Drive formal and informal climate and environmental education, building the capacity of local populations to understand the effects of climate change on their communities and to take action.

Main Projects / Activities

Below are the prokects that appened in 2018: 
Blinking Energy workshop 
Ajyal School workshop
Proposal writing for fundraising workshop  
Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) 8th NGO annual fair
AUB Ngo fair
USJ NGO fair
Awareness at Phoenix School
Solid waste awareness campaign at USJ
Collaboration with joud Bil Mawjoud on collecting plastic caps.
Workshop in Bara village on solid waste management
Harriri school workshop on solid waste management
Phoenix School collecting Caps project

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

- strengthening the cooperation between civil scoeity in Lebanon and ALf netowrk;
- emphaisze the importance and work of cliamte chaneg NGO insied the netwprk;
- contirbute to the Foundation’s programmes and projects. 

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

we are already founders of the Mediterranean youth climate network, a regional network on climate change. we believe in the importance of regional network in strengthening cooperation and learning experiences. Anna Lindh Foundation is a very known network in the region that include NGOs from different background in the same place.  

Additional Information
Contact (1) Full Name
Nouhad Awwad
Job Title
national coordinator
Head of the organisation
Nouhad Awwad