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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Environment/Sustainable development
  2. Human rights
  3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  4. Youth and education
General Information

Sunrise Project has a team of 9 members who join the activities on a regular basis and also project based as paid staff. It also has a group of 36 youngsters who are forming a close community and take part in the workshops organised as well join international projects on behalf of the team. Last year, the organisation has managed to attracted funding of over 100.000 euro from the European Commission (Erasmus+ programme). The organisation is implementing international projects, local workshops and events on a variety of topics mostly for youngsters and adults. Topics of previous implemented projects included: fight against racism and xenophobia trough cultural exchanges, social inclusion of disadvantaged groups, inclusion of migrants and refugees, developing creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. The organisation collaborates with a pool of over 30 organisations from Europe and North Africa as partners in the European projects it implements.

Mission and Objectives

Sunrise Project France mission is to inspire and empower young people and adults to find their inner self, discover and make use of their full potential to find inner joy and happiness in the long term.
The actions implemented by the organization aim to ensure long-term fulfilment of youngsters and adults, inspire lifelong learning and to promote tolerance and integration in a globalised world. We firmly believe that young people have a crucial role to play in shaping the future of the world. And an important role in the formation of these young people is represented by their education. This education can’t be all provided in schools. Therefore, our organisation implements different non-formal activities that involve young people. Our NGO is developing different methods to combat some of the biggest challenges our society is facing: stereotypes, unemployment, racism, social exclusion, lack of personal awareness. By the actions we develop we help our beneficiaries reach personal fulfilment and the joy to live. Another important challenge we address is the education. We believe that young people who only acquire knowledge in the formal education system cannot compete with the challenges that the future will bring. Young people should be taught something unique so that a machine can never catch up with them. Youngsters should acquire soft skills like: values, creativity, believing, independent thinking, teamwork, care for others and kindness.

Main Projects / Activities

At the moment we offer educational workshops for youth and young adults that aim at developing soft skills, entrepreneurial abilities, intrapreneurial skills, digital skills, critical thinking and life management tools. These workshops are offered regular to youngsters in our region – outskirts of Lille, mainly in Roubaix and Villeneuve d’Ascq, for free and organised in different locations provided by the city hall/ private entities. We are expanding the activities we offer for youth; the organisation is now focused developing a strong brand and its presence in the online medium at European level, creating new international projects and strengthen relations with other youth organisations. We have designed and implemented a method based on a Personal Development Plan for Youth that is delivered on a scheduled basis to a selected group of youngsters with fewer opportunities. Concomitantly, we are focused on the work with do at local level for the disadvantaged youngsters.

Sunrise Project designs learning experiences and programs for youth workers and trainers and educators that work with adults and youngsters in risk of social exclusion or having fewer opportunities. Sunrise designed tool kits, methodologies and games as instrument of development for disadvantaged groups of people.
Based on its experience with digital youth work, the organisation has created e-learning platforms using innovative digital medias.
Sunrise France is also involved in the development of digital instruments that foster youngsters critical thinking and media literacy. At the moment is running a pilot programme in the field and is testing new instruments.

In the field of the Erasmus+, our organisation has implemented in 2019 two projects – one training course and a youth exchange. In 2020 the organisation has been approved 4 more projects – a seminar, a training course, a youth exchange and a KA3 project – dialogue between young people and policy makers. We are now in the implementation phase of these projects.
At the current moment, Sunrise Project France has just finished organising a Training Course – From Humanity and Beyond. The project tackled the issues of youth refugees and migrants and involved over 40 youth workers in an online training course.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Sunrise Project France can bring the contribution by implementing innovative and creative actions under the frame and values of the Network. It can promote the values of the Network at local and international level in its project. The team of Sunrise Project France is well developed and can bring fresh ideas and new perspectives on the matters approach. We believe that membership will be a win-win for both parts involved.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Our first encounter with ALF Network was as participants in several workshops organised in during the Virtual Marathon of ALF. Is there we realised that our values and actions fit with this network and that is would be great for us to be part of this community. Since then, we have read about the actions of ALF Network and past projects and we definitely believe that joining ALF network would help our organisation improve the quality of activities we deliver to our beneficiaries.

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Elena Dafina Milea
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International Project Manager
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Elena Dafina Milea
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Simona Ursulescu
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Researcher/ Facilitator