Community building forum: The (new) ethics of facilitation

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World crises has largely affected the work of facilitators and created new challenges for citizenship education. How to adapt to these changes and work with people's traumatic experiences? What will help restore internal resources and find resilience?

We invite educators and youth workers to discuss these and related issues at the online forum "The (new) ethics of facilitation", taking place from 1-3 December, 2022.

The purpose of the forum is to unite educators, facilitators and specialists who work with youth, and highlight new methods of work in the context of global changes in recent months and years.

We want to encourage participants toward thinking about these questions:

▪️ How awareness in citizenship education helps to form and adapt new principles of group learning? Is facilitation what we need now?
▪️ What is the role of the facilitator now?
▪️ Is it ethical to remain neutral while facilitating?
▪️ Does lack of neutrality mean rejecting compromise?
▪️ What used to build bridges can now undermine them. What is wrong with consideration dialogue as a universal method in modern realities?
▪️ How to work if trauma and stress have become constant companions of modern life?
▪️ What brings us resilience? How can a facilitator restore internal resources to find resilience?

The forum will be helpful for those who:

  •  have facilitation experience or are interested in developing in this direction
  •  work with youth in the field of non-formal education
  •  seek to explore current trends in citizenship education
  •  want to look into effective facilitation approaches.

To join the online forum, please register by filling in the registration form below by November 27:

The forum takes place in the scope of the project “Rethink citizenship education in times of change”, implemented by MitOst e.V. in cooperation with Insha Osvita and EcoVisio and funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.