Successful premiere of the play COMEDY ABOUT GROWING UP (burlesque)

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Successful premiere of the play COMEDY ABOUT GROWING UP (burlesque)

Banja Luka, February 5 and 6, 2023

On the stage of the Dis Theater, another of the unusually tailor-made plays was created, which "at first sight" found its way to the hearts of the audience. It is about the author's burlesque reflection on the topic of male-female relationships. In a one-hour game (because what is shown borders on a playful, unrestrained game of curious people).

The play "Comedy about growing up" (Parental attention 15+), introduces us to two wonderful actresses who bare their lives in a one-hour performance.

The show is comical, playful and immensely entertaining and we are sure it will make you laugh, cry and feel life to its fullest.

Reserve your seats as soon as possible, because for this performance, tickets will be asked for more

excel in the play:

Anja Banjac and

Jelena Lena Marković

and the direction and adaptation of famous human and acting experiences is signed by: Novica Bogdanović

for those more curious…..

Burlesque is a type of comedy that engages in parody or exaggeration of reality for laughs. The goal of burlesque is to criticize social norms, politics or culture through a humorous approach. Like all burlesques, ours is distinctly and inexplicably caricatured and satirical in that it wants to tell you everything you were not allowed to ask about theater, emotions, love and the environment in which we live...

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