Tuesdays for Trash - a New ALF Israeli Network member


New Member Spotlight


The Anna Lindh Foundation - Israeli Network proudly introduces its new member, Tuesdays for Trash. This grassroots environmental movement is dedicated to mobilizing communities worldwide, advocating for behavioral changes and championing the creation of a healthier planet for all. Their mission extends beyond safeguarding the natural world; it aims to simplify and streamline actions for a sustainable, trash-free future globally.

Like so many new endeavors, Tuesdays for Trash (also known as T4T) started during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Co-founders of T4T, Sharona Shnayder and her friend, Wanda McNealy wanted a way to get outside and give back to the community during lockdowns.

What began with these two friends picking up trash in their neighborhood grew into an initiative to give back to the environment and now has evolved into a catalyst for individual activism, transcending continents and encompassing various aspects of climate justice. What started now spans 40 countries with more than 10 chapters.

Within the Israeli context, their focus lies in uniting diverse individuals from different backgrounds, communities, and sectors to collectively engage in environmental care efforts. By fostering a sense of shared commitment to a cleaner environment, their cleanups play a pivotal role in nurturing a collective responsibility for peace-building.

Tuesdays for Trash actively organizes events, particularly in Tel Aviv's Arab neighborhoods, where municipal support is most needed. Collaborations extend to initiatives such as the President’s Climate Forum, Ecopeace Middle East, and Breaking the Silence, aimed at communicating and establishing a comprehensive understanding of intersectionality within environmentalism.