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The Centre International de Coopération Sud Nord (CICSN) has been elected by members as Head of Network on 10/8/2011.

CICSN (International North South Co-operation Center) is a non profit association of Maroccan law, co-founded by citizens of Morocco with different capacities in private and social management, decentralized co-operation, consulting, adults forming and in pedagogy, in partnership with european entities, active in the international co-operation field.

CICSN assures consulting, study, research activities, documentation, forming and realization of developing project of public utility. It follows decentralized euro-mediterranenan co-operation and it promotes values such as dialogue, sharing and international solidariety in a partecipation spirit.

CICSN volounteers as a mediator in technical, technological and cultural exchange projects.

CICSN promotes different co-operation agreements between local entities: local powers, corporations, civil society and citizenship, according to decentralized co-operation principles.

CICSN promotes and supports voluntary service initiatives to realize co-operation programmes which aim to develop and reinforce social, environmental, economic, health and educational structures in the mediterranean basin regions.

Head(s) of Network

Agir ensemble
BP: 6050 safi principal morocco
46000 Safi
Tel: 00212 661876711