MEDesTU Association was elected by members as Head of Network in June 2019.

Life is bringing more and more challenges for young people, such as unemployment, terrorist attacks, refugee crisis, violation of human rights, intercultural misunderstanding in a very diverse world. Our mission is to encourage and support youth active citizenship and participation, by empowering them through non-formal education based on a self-directed learning process. In this sense, MEDesTU Association promotes and develops cultural, social, educational, recreational and sports initiatives, while actively deconstructing stereotypes and prejudices. 

MEDesTU is a nonprofit youth association founded on 30th October 2013 in Porto, Portugal.

Our goals are:

1) At local/national level: to contribute to a better informed Portuguese society in the matters of the Arab and Islamic world, but also towards the Moorish heritage in Portugal.

2) At regional level (civil society - citizens and NGOs): to promote cooperation, respect for human rights and the rule of law, encouraging integration and sense of belonging in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

3) At international level: advocate the peaceful resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict, encouraging young people to involve themselves actively in the process, as part of the solution.


The principles and values that we promote: Active and participatory citizenship; Participation of young people; Democracy; Human Rights and human rights education; Rule of law; Political and institutional context; History and memory; Justice; Gender equality; Interculturalism, intercultural learning and dialogue; Ubuntu; Diversity and minorities; Religion and tolerance; Peace; Creativity to resolve conflicts; Strengthening of youth policies; Development of leadership skills and entrepreneurship; Respect for the environment.


Rua Escola Normal, 80, 4º
4000-199 Porto