Turkish Network

System and Generation (S&G) and the Association of Civil Society and Development Institute (ACSDI) were appointed as Heads of the Turkish ALF Network in 2019 by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As ALF coordinators, a consortium of S&G and the ACSDI is in charge of the coordination and mobilisation of the Turkish Network. Realising the dimension and diversity of the Anna Lindh Foundation, they are determined to establish close cooperation with other Heads of Network across the world in order to use the high potential of the foundation. The connection of networks will result in the attainment of larger scales and broader visibility. Hence, it will widen the agenda of the organizations and increase ALF actions. Furthermore, the Consortium of S&G and ACSDI intends to strengthen the communication within the network by enhancing a better electronic communication system and by refreshing the out of date database of members in Türkiye.

S&G System and Generation Association

Necatibey Caddesi No:19 Daire:21
06430 Ankara/

Association of Civil Society and Development Institute

Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, 7. Cadde no: 15 Cekicler Odunpazarı

Historical Background of your Network

Former Heads of Network:

  • Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV)

  • TUSEV in co-coordinatorship with S&G

Current Heads of Network:

  • S&G and ACSDI


Intercultural Dialogue in your country

ICD Strategy in of the Turkish Network:

  • implementing long-term, multinational, joint cultural projects in culture and art between Türkiye and the EU countries and creating an effective network between the civil society organizations and cultural institutes

  • carrying out projects and activities to improve intercultural dialogue with an emphasis on common understanding, using music, literature, archaeology, history, painting, cinema and photography.