Making research, good practices, learning activities and events on intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean accessible to everyone.


#ALFCitiesInDialogue - Inter-religious Networks for Humanitarian Action and Culture of Peace (IHCP)

Adyan Foundation (Lebanon)

This project was organised by the Anna Lindh Foundation National Network member Adyan Foundation (Lebanon) in the framework of the Anna Lindh Foundation Intercultural Cities programme.

The ’Inter-religious Networks for Humanitarian Action and Culture of Peace’ (IHCP) project showcased and promoted inter-religious cooperation for peacebuilding and humanitarian action in Lebanon, to audiences in Lebanon and across the Euro-Mediterranean (EuroMed) region.

The project consists of a series of three dialogue panels led by Adyan’s Forum for Religious Social Responsibility (FRSR) members. This Forum is a multi-faith network of religious leaders and activists in Lebanon who steer communities away from violent extremism and promote concepts of diversity and ‘living together'. 

The aim is to ensure a wide reach of the lessons of the dialogue panels, as well as sustainable network-building. In addition, a short film will be made containing highlights from all three panel discussions, with a focus on the recommendations and best practices shared. The film, which will be in Arabic with English subtitles, will be shared on Adyan’s social media platforms and via partners.

Language of the session: Arabic, English