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Good Practice

Create a Puppet, Create Yourself (CC)

Create a puppet, create yourself

The project aimed at developing, testing and disseminating an innovative methodology based on a creative approach in adult education while focusing on the needs of disadvantaged adult learners with the need of training in social and civic competences. The choice of puppetry art was made on the basis of the long-standing experience of Teatr Grodzki in using this specific art form in education and therapy. Even though puppet theatre is usually perceived as something childish, it can serve as a very efficient and attractive way of teaching adult learners how to discover their aptitudes and abilities needed for a true social adaptation.

Creative activities using puppets enable adults to reflect on one’s self-esteem, fear, loneliness, stereotypes, mental health or different dependencies. CC pilot workshops were held for different target groups in 5 countries (Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Lithuania, UK). These target groups were: adults recovering from drug dependency, prisoners, long term unemployed, refugees, retired women and women “at a crossroad” (recovering from depression, divorce etc.).

The project has been rich in results among vulnerable adults. For women particularly, it helped to reduce their tensions and to boost their creativity, as they “travelled” to their childhood, communicated with their puppets, which in most cases were mirroring their authors as an alter ego. Women also animated puppets to the short meaningful performances reflecting their concerns.