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Good Practice

Media and Music for Peaceful and Inclusive Society

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With the aim of creating new channels of dialogue for civil society The Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies, Head of the Anna Lindh Foundation Jordanian Network held a series of capacity building activities on the topic of Media and Music for a Peaceful and Inclusive Society.

The content of the programme focused on four main pillars of intercultural dialogue: Media, Activism (Gender inclusiveness), Art and Interfaith Dialogue.

The training seminars were organized with the aim of empowering youth activists and educators in the governorates of Jordan to use media and art as effective tools for promoting interfaith dialogue and active citizenship.

Three preliminary meetings aimed at reaching 90 youth in different governorates of Jordan and choosing participants for the main training were concluded in Mafraq, Madaba and Karak. In these meetings, the young participants took part in formulating the content of the final programme for the training.

The main course took place in Amman on 11 -14 April 2016, engaging 25 participants drawn from different governorates around Jordan in 4 intensive days of training. Participants came from different cultures and backgrounds and most importantly possessed different, backgrounds, capabilities and experience in different fields of work.

The programme was concluded with a closing ceremony for all participants in Amman on 14 April 2016 in which the partners engaged in a debate evaluating the work done in order to take future action on the topic.

During the closing ceremony, there was also a digital market for participating Civil Society Organizations, giving them the opportunity for networking and getting acquainted with the work of each other.

The events were organized in cooperation with a number of partner organizations, namely the Arab Women Media Centre; Sisterhood is Global Institute, Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development, Tajalla and the Youth for Youth Association.