Building Bridges One Byte at a Time: Fostering Intercultural Dialogue Among Youth between Lebanon and Albania

Lebanon-Albania joint initiative

The Head of Network in Albania, in collaboration with AICA's Netizen's Digital Lab (NDL) from the lebanese ALF Network and Udhëtim i Lirë from the albanian ALF Network, embarked on a unique project titled "Digital Bridges for Intercultural Dialogue." This initiative was undertaken in the framework of NES II and aimed to empower young people from both countries by fostering digital literacy and promoting intercultural understanding.

The project started off with two engaging online workshops, each led by dedicated experts. The first workshop was mainly focused on equipping participants with essential digital literacy skills for safe and responsible online behavior. It also explored the world of slang and cultural expressions in both Lebanon and Albania, highlighting the cultural nuances.

In the second workshop, participants explored advanced digital literacy topics like online privacy and responsible content creation. Additionally, they honed their communication skills by learning about the importance of nonverbal cues, cultural sensitivity, and active listening in a cross-cultural context.


Digital Content Challenge: Unleashing Creativity and Celebrating Diversity

Following the workshops, the project ignited a creative spark with the launch of the "Digital Content Challenge." Divided into teams, participants were tasked with creating original digital content that reflected their diverse cultures and perspectives. The challenge encouraged inclusivity and understanding within the community, prompting teams to explore formats like videos, social media posts, blog entries, or even infographics. All 10 creative submissions that were recieved and reviewed showed the richness and beauty of cultural heritage.

The network leader extends its congratulations to the winning team of Carole Melhem and Sandy Massri ! Their captivating video explored the cultural phenomenon of Fairuz, the iconic Lebanese singer, while incorporating subtitles in both Arabic and English, ensuring their message transcended language barriers.

This initiative serves as a testament to the power of collaboration in fostering intercultural dialogue and digital empowerment among young people, by equipping them with the necessary skills and fostering a space for creative expression.


Here you can find the link to the video:


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