Call For Participation : A Webinar on Diversity !

Call for Participation: A Webinar on Diversity

We invite you on 20th of February, at 2 PM CET, via Zoom platform, to join us on this experience, hosted by CSDC Durrës (member of the Albanian ALF Network), Lebanese Spotlight (member of the Lebanese ALF Network) and Radio ARA (member of the Luxembourg ALF Network), supported by the Anna Lindh Foundation. We aim to talk about diversity and its different aspects, targeting youth between 15 – 29 years old, but not limited to that.

Diversity encompasses a multitude of dimensions, from ethnicity and race to gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, and beyond. The focal point of the discussion is the recognition and appreciation of the diverse tapestry of humanity, recognizing that it is our differences that enrich our collective experience. Through engaging dialogue and insightful analysis, this webinar aims to shed light on the various types of diversity that exist within our global community, highlighting the importance of inclusivity and acceptance in fostering a more harmonious society.

However, the exploration does not stop there. CSDC Durrës is hosting a panel discussion featuring esteemed experts and thought leaders from Albania, Lebanon, and Luxembourg, each offering their
unique insights and perspectives on how diversity manifests within their respective contexts. This webinar represents a unique opportunity to deepen our understanding of diversity and its myriad
manifestations, while also fostering cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration. By exploring the diverse experiences and perspectives of Albania, Lebanon, and Luxembourg, the organizers will look forward to inspiring greater appreciation, empathy, and solidarity across borders, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and equitable world for all.

Join via Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 780 0988 4419
Passcode: 2WECVe


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