Meeting with the selected applicants from the Call for Joint Proposals, following the Online Networking Session between members of ALF from Albania, Luxembourg, Denmark and Morocco!

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On Tuesday, January 23, a meeting was held with the winning applicants of the Call for expression of interest on joint ventures, who were also participants to the online networking sessions held during the month of December. The call aimed to strengthen and promote cooperation between the organizations of the South and the North of the Mediterranean, with an increased focus on the involvement and activation of the organizations of the Albanian Network, as an initiative undertaken by the Albanian Head of the Network.

A total of 15 applications were reviewed, of which 7 were selected. The selected applications, which will  receive  500 euros after the completion of the activities, consist of  a total of 15 member organizations of the Foundation: respectively 5 organizations from the Lebanese Network, 2 organizations from the Luxembourg Network, 1 organization from the Moroccan Network and 7 from the Albanian Network.

The proposed activities, in accordance with the scope of the collaborating organizations, fall into the following thematic areas: diversity, gender, education and media, Euro-Med youth engagement and cultural/intercultural dialogue. In terms of the type of activities, there is a diversity, starting from the production of materials such as videos, to training, webinars and competitions.

The online meeting brought together 17 participants, who had the opportunity to receive more detailed information on the obligations of each party involved in the proposal and later in the implementation of the activities, on the implementation deadlines and issues of visibility of the activities.

These seemingly promising initiatives, we will have the opportunity to see come to life starting from January, until March. For more information and updates about the activities, follow us on our social medias:

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