Young Mediterranean Citizens Facing Climate Change

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Young Mediterranean Citizens Facing Climate Change

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Because it is one of the great challenges facing the new generation, the fight against climate change constitutes a privileged area where young Mediterranean people can exercise their citizenship.

Thanks to the Young Mediterranean Citizens Facing Climate Change project co-funded by the Anna Lindh Foundation, young citizens from various countries of the Mediterranean basin have become aware of the challenges of climate change in the Mediterranean and have decided to act in their region in favor of sustainable development.


This project succeeded to :

• mobilize young Mediterranean citizens from sensitive urban neighborhoods on the basis of an engaging theme and the strengthening of the action capacities of groups of young people with fewer opportunities.

• have the role of young people recognized by stakeholders, in particular local communities, on climate change issues

• strengthen cooperation between Euro-Mediterranean youth organizations in the field of eco-citizenship.

Under the direction of two young leaders, three groups of around twenty young people from local neighborhoods were formed in each of the three partner territories.

In L'Isle sur la Sorgue (France), Tetouan (Morocco) and Tunis (Tunisia), each group is engaged in local citizen action by organizing participatory workshops that aim to mobilize the inhabitants and decision-makers of a neighborhood around the fight against climate change.