International short story competition on the theme "Tomorrow the Mediterranean", organised by Forum Femmes Méditerranée

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Forum Femmes Méditerranée is organising an international short story competition on the theme "Tomorrow's Mediterranean", aimed at women from Mediterranean countries who have never been published.

Only one text will be accepted per author. Texts must be sent in four numbered copies of 10 pages maximum (12,500 characters) and must be sent to the FFM before 31 May 2022 to Forum Femmes Méditerranée 51 rue des Dominicaines - 13001 Marseille.

Tel: +33 4 91 91 14 89


- The winners of the Grand Prize and the Prize for Excellence will be invited to Marseille in November 2022. All winning short stories will be published in a collection.

- Meeting of the national jury: 30 June 2022.

- Announcement of the winning short stories: 30 September 2022.

- At the end of November 2022, a cultural week in Marseille with the winners.


For more information, please visit this website.

Good Practice
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Jeunes Citoyens Méditerranéens Face aux Changements Climatiques

Parce qu'elle est un des grands défis auxquels doit faire face la nouvelle génération, la lutte contre les changements climatiques constitue un terrain privilégié où les jeunes méditerranéens peuvent faire l'exercice de leur citoyenneté. Grâce au projet Jeunes Citoyens Méditerranéens...

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Les ateliers Méditerranéens de journalisme citoyen Web Arts Résistances

Pour son 15ème anniversaire, Babelmed a présenté le projet W.A.R et sa nouvelle plateforme ainsi que les premières vidéos réalisées par l’équipe de Tabasco Video, documentant un choix d’expériences citoyennes et artistiques en Région Provence- Alpes-Côte d’Azur. L’occasion nous a...

The International Children Care Film Festival (ICCFF), edition 2022, Paris


The International Children Care Film Festival (ICCFF) is a unique venture that aims to promote and raise awareness of child and youth protection through and by means of cinema.

Free and open to all, the first edition took place in Paris in July 2021. Its success has led the ICCFF to pursue its commitment with a 2nd edition which will take place from 26 June to 2 July 2022, in Paris.

The ICCFF uses images as an amplifier of information and debate as a catalyst for awareness. In addition to organising an international film competition in Paris consisting of 7 days of screenings and debates, the ICCFF provides off-site programming and film workshops throughout the year and everywhere in France, but also abroad, thanks to a "film caravan" which aims to take the actions of the International Children Care Film Festival beyond its borders.

For the 2022 edition in Paris, there are :

- 963 films received from all over the world from 60 countries.

- 93 international films in official competition, for a total of 35 hours of screening during the 7 days of the festival (26 June - 02 July 2022).

- For more information about the festival, click here.



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اشعر، شارك، افعل: تمكين الشباب من خلال التعلم المشترك بين الثقافات

مع تزايد التنوّع في المجتمعات، يبدأ الشباب في التشكيك في هويتهم وعلاقتهم بالآخرين وبالدور الذي يمكن أن يضطلعوا به في مجتمعهم. انطلاقاً من هذه الملاحظات، شرع منظمو المشروع في زيادة الوعي حول التسامح والتماسك الاجتماعي والتضامن بين جميع أعضاء مجتمعاتنا...

"Pro et + si affinités", season 4: Call for projects 2022 Films Femmes Méditerranée

Film Femmes Médterranée

Films Femmes Méditerranée launches its event Pro et + si affinités, season 4. This event, to be held in Marseille in September 2022, is dedicated to promoting encounters between the women film-makers selected and professional producers also coming from the Mediterranean region.

Its aim is two-fold: to support the film-makers selected in the development of their films and to facilitate the production of their projects. One-to-one exchanges with producers will be made available to them. Workshops with professionals of writing and pitch will also be on offer.

Who may participate? Any woman film-maker from any of the countries listed in the Call document attached who carries out a project of feature film (whether fiction or creative documentary), as long as she has already successfully completed a film, short or full-length. Please note that film-makers already selected in 2021 may not apply this year.

Deadline to submit an application is set on March 18, 2022.

More information at:

#KidsDrawPeace4Ukraine Project

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Children shaken by Russia's invasion of Ukraine are turning to art to express their concerns as part of the #KidsDrawPeace4Ukraine project organised by the French association Global Youth & News Media

The initiative was inspired by Kleine Kinderzeintung in Austria and News-O-Matic in the United States, the first children's news media to collect this type of art. To date, other media and partners in Argentina, Canada, India, Finland, France and the UK have joined the project. News-O-Matic covers the daily world news in Spanish and English and receives many photos each month via its special application. For a few weeks now, the newspaper has been asking its readers to send in creative works about Ukraine. By the beginning of April, nearly 1,000 children had participated, with one Austrian class going even further, designing more than 200 doves and raising around 400 euros by offering some of their work for donations after a service at a local Catholic church and donating the money to help Ukraine.

Editors and participants are also disseminating drawings through all social media with the common hashtag #KidsDrawPeace4Ukraine.

To find out more about the project and how you can get involved in helping refugee children make their own artwork, visit this link.