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Feeling connected during the crisis – media narratives of the Euro-Mediterranean

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On the 9th of June the Anna Lindh Foundation organises the first Virtual meeting of the Intercultural Trends and Media Platform. The virtual meeting is organized to encourage discussion especially regarding the way media production and mutual perceptions in the Euro-Mediterranean region are changing as a result of COVID-19.

The Intercultural Trends and Media Platform brings together media, academia and civil society to debate on the way perceptions between Europeans and Southern and Eastern Mediterranean people have evolved in the recent years as a result of the growing migratory and refugee movements, the rise of populists discourses and phenomena of violent extremism. The scientific data gathered with the ALF Intercultural Trends Survey (, the civil society work led by the ALF 4500+ member network across 42 countries as well as some specific expert contributions on the topic will offer a basis for the discussion.

Within the current context of COVID19, the proposed focus of the discussion on 9 June will focus the way media production and mutual perceptions in the EuroMed region are changing as a result of the current crisis.The meeting is conceived as a space for a facilitated discussion to exchange reflections on the topic and to share some initial ideas on what can be done by journalists, academia and civil society together to minimize the consequences of the pandemic on intercultural relations and cooperation in the EuroMed region.

The outcomes of the Intercultural Trends and Media Platform will feed into the broader process of reflection carried out in 2020 on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Barcelona Process/EuroMed Partnership (launched in 1995) and in view of further strengthening cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

To access the press release in English please click here while the access to the agenda, the post-event press release and the biographies of the participants can be found in the attachments.