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First Intercultural Morning Coffee

The Anna Lindh Foundation
Event Illustration

The first virtual Intercultural Morning Coffee For this Intercultural morning coffee focused on how restrictions to mobility in general and in particular between the Southern and the Northern shore of the Mediterranean as a consequence of Covid19 has affected intercultural relations. 

According to the Anna Lindh Intercultural Trends report, 39% of Europeans experienced cross-cultural encounters in the street and 15% via tourism while the same numbers among respondents in the Southern Mediterranean countries were 13% and 24%. Hence it is likely that that restrictions to free movement have hampered cross-cultural encounters and encounters between members of the minority and the majority communities living together in multicultural cities.

Are these experiences reflected in the public debate? And if so in what way?

Participants to the Intercultural Morning Coffee included civil society representatives and media-researchers from Belgium, Jordan and Spain.