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Equality and diversity in vocational education: a cross-cultural comparison of trainers’ and trainees’ attitudes in six European countries

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Fine-Davis, Margaret. Faas, Daniel.
Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education
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Academic article
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This article presents results of a cross-cultural comparison of trainer and trainee attitudes towards a variety of diversity issues, notably attitudes towards non-national trainees and those from other ethnic, religious and racial groups. Cross-cultural comparisons are made in the six European countries studied: France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Spain and the UK. The sample included 469 respondents (273 trainees and 196 trainers). There were consistent findings showing that trainees were more positive in their attitudes to cultural diversity, and specifically more tolerant and accepting of non-national and ethnically diverse fellow trainees than were their trainers.

These findings largely corroborate those obtained from secondary school students and their teachers in the wider study. The results are discussed in light of country differences in relation to migration patterns and interpreted in light of contact theory. We also highlight implications for social inclusion and education and training policies across Europe