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Promotion of the Amman Message in the Euro-Mediterranean Region

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Dr Majeda Omar
Iemed - European Institute of the Mediterranean
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In promoting intercultural and interreligious dialogue, we contribute to enhancing peace and stability in society, strengthening effective communications, building awareness and acceptance of differences and promoting peace, tolerance and coexistence. It can be argued that collaboration between faith-based organizations in the Euro-Mediterranean region furthers interreligious and cross-cultural understanding. Positive grassroots relations in the region can be an unexpected but valuable by-product of faith-based work (Kessler, 2017).

The Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies has in-creased the number of collaborative projects with regional, European and international partners. In addition to building upon the work that the Royal Institute has done on the promotion of the Amman Message through organizing training workshops for youth, imams and preachers. These events are aimed at furthering interfaith dialogue that can, in turn, lead to better relations in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The need to continue the promotion of the Amman Message has become evident. It is vital to work together in order to promote the values of this message in the region. This two-year project (2012-2014) was funded by the European Union, contracted by the Jordanian Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation and implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Jordan and a consortium of local, regional and European academic and civil society organizations. Under the umbrella of this project, events were organized in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, the UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, and Denmark.