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Good Practice

Feel, Share, Act: Youth Empowerment through Intercultural Learning

Good Practice Illustration

As societies become more diverse, young people start questioning their own identity, their relationship with others and the role they can play in their society. With these observations in mind, the organisers of the project set out to raise awareness on tolerance, social cohesion and solidarity among all members of our societies. These aims were approached through intercultural citizenship education that can be used to empower youth and to allow them to become responsible actors in their communities, contributing to a more tolerant and active society.

Through the project, youth workers and educators from four different countries in the Euro-Mediterranean region with experience in intercultural education and youth from diverse cultural backgrounds joined forces to create an innovative educative programme for intercultural citizenship. This programme was based on their experiences, knowledge and needs and it was tested in both non-formal and formal education settings and spread throughout the EuroMed region.

The four partner organizations developing the program were: KANE from Greece, EFYD from Egypt, PSM from France, ONET and BRCV SOUSSE from Tunisia. The project ran from May 2016 to end of April 2017 and its activities included:


  • An international seminar, where the participants developed an innovative intercultural education module and an e-platform for sharing intercultural learning tools and methods.


  • Eight local workshops/training courses to test the module, as well as preparation, evaluation and visibility activities.