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Good Practice

Game for Euro-Med - GEM

Good Practice Illustration

GEM - Game for EuroMed was a 12-month project that aimed to promote education for intercultural citizenship through playing. The project involved 4 organizations from 4 countries: CESIE from Italy, ADICE from France, WASEELA a Thinktank from Egypt and “JOHOUD” from Palestine.

The target group of the project were formal and non-formal educators (teachers/youth workers), young people aged 14-18 and schools and educational stakeholders as well civil society organisations active in the youth field and Euro-Mediterranean cooperation.

The project organizers approached these aims by engaging in the following actions:

  1. Developing educational pilot programmes on active intercultural citizenship based on the “learning by playing” approach, providing formal & non-formal educators with skills & knowledge.
  2. Involving young people and educators in the development of a new creative resource (a board game) to be used in youth environments to promote values of tolerance and mutual understanding of different cultures and traditions.
  3. Supporting cooperation mechanisms among different stakeholders in view of managing project’s activities, exploit results and plan future cooperation.

These aims were approached, among others, by developing a catalogue of good practices using games as an intercultural tool, and organizing online training for formal/non-formal educators & youth workers on intercultural citizenship.

During the course of the project, a board game was also developed and piloted in several workshops in schools & youth centres.

All activities were carried out in four countries in the Euro-Mediterranean; Italy, France, Palestine and Egypt.